This photo makes me laugh. It also may help you understand the place God has brought me to. You must find joy even in the small things. 

Today I say goodbye. Goodbye to years of pain and discomfort. Goodbye to being able to create a life. Goodbye to being able to give birth. But most of all I say goodbye to the cancer that has decided to make a home in my womb. 

Last May 2016 through the journey of trying to figure out our infertility we found out that I had endometrial cancer. 

Over the past 8 months we have prayed that we be healed from this. We have gone through treatment, scans, repeat surgeries, biopsies and more. 

All through that time we prayed for healing. Healing for my body. Healing from the cancer. Healing for our faith through this trial. 

Today is the culmination of almost a year of prayer. We were asking, begging for healing. In our minds we would be healed from cancer and released to go through fertility treatment. 

That wasn’t part of Gods plan. But healing is. 

Today we move onto the next chapter of our lives. Knowing God has us exactly where we need to be. He wanted us to know that this cancer was growing and that it needed to be taken care of. And for that we are eternally grateful. 

God has been so loving and mercyful with us throughout this process. He has taught us the meaning of trusting fully and relying solely on his grace. He has taught us how to wait patiently on him. He has taught us how pray again. He has shown us how to worship through the pain. He has shown us this year that we are never ever alone.

This time has been a blessing. To be able to feel all the emotions, but at the end of the day know how to realign ourselves and connect back to him. It has been humbling. 

Today one dream ends and the next dream begins. Today we get what we prayed so hard for. Today we get our healing. 

God is good.